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This story was originally published in April 2015 to highlight the dedication of one Rotarian:  Arjun Prasad Mainali.  He is working to donate blood in as many countries as possible.
As of January 1st, 2016, he has donated blood 151 times with his latest donations in Anchorage, Alaska!  His current goal is to donate platelets 150 times in 2016!
His life's mission is to motivate Nepalese people around the world to donate blood.  Read his entire story......
Submitted by:  Pasquale Russo, Rotary Club of Campania, Napoli
The gift of blood in our country is a voluntary, anonymous, responsible, periodic and free act.
In Italy, the legislator, to encourage blood donations and to guarantee blood and his components, the donor grants employees the right to take time off work for the day when you make your donation, maintaining the normal salary; despite this the number of donors in 2015 is slightly down compared to the previous two years. This is a significant fact because it is to be referred to the difficulties in recruiting new donors and, in particular, to ensure generational replacement of the same, against the general negative demographic trends in Italy with particular attention about Campania Reg‚Äčion , which results in a decrease of donors among younger age groups.
As a resource for the February 2016 Rotary International Presidential Conference on disease prevention and treatment, Mr Quentin Wodon, has compiled the Rotarian Economist blog.  This blog has a selected list of open access World Bank publications on health, nutrition and population..  While this list of open access publications does not specifically deal with blood donors, it still might be of interest to you.  
Check out this blog at

Daniel Long receives honor for extraordinary blood donation efforts
PLANO, Texas (Nov. 10, 2015) – Induction into a hall of fame means one achieved something of greatness. Few people inducted into a hall of fame can say they saved thousands of lives. Daniel Long of Plano is being recognized for his years of contributions to the cause of blood donation which saves lives and in which Long has encouraged more than 1500 people to participate during 2015.  
The Oklahoma City Rotary Club is looking to help fund blood banking projects outside of the US.  If you are a Global Network member who knows of a Rotary Foundation approved or pending grant request that the Oklahoma club might support, please contact .  Similarly, if GN members have blood bank & Rotary connections that might be brought together to generate worthy projects that the Rotary Foundation might approve in the future, please contact  Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping GNBD catalyze tangible progress in transfusion care and raise the profile of blood donation needs among the huge family of Rotary clubs.    

The rotary Club of Jaipur Mid Town ( RI District 3052) organized the following 4 blood donation camps:
Date         Units                  Venue
7th July      249                     Village Dhodsar
24th July     268                    Mayur Unicoters
8th Aug       165                    Genus Power infrastructure
11th Aug     181                    Genus Invertors
19th Aug     200                     Poornima Universty
Consider Joining ADRP
The Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) is an international organization dedicated to helping donor recruitment professionals.  ADRP educates and empowers professionals who are committed to donor recruitment, donor experience and donor management by providing a forum for networking, professional development and resource sharing. 
June 14, 2015 was World Blood Donor Day.  the theme of this year's campaign was "Thank you for Saving my life".  It focused on thanking blood donors who save lives every day through their blood donations and strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly with the slogan "Give freely, give often.  Blood Donation Matters". The campaign aimed to highlight stories from people whose lives have been saved through blood donation, as a way of motivating regular blood donors to continue giving blood.
Here are some highlights from how people around the world celebrated World Blood Donor Day:
The Global Network for Blood Donation  (GNBD) exhibited in the House of Friendship  (HOF) at the Rotary International Convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The HOF was held at the Anhembi convention center.  BJ Smith (USA) and Cees Smit Sibinga (Netherlands) greeted guests to the booth by promoting voluntary blood donation by Rotarians.  Over 100 new members joined the GNBD during the course of the convention.
A recent Global Blood Fund backed donor recruitment drive in Kenya has resulted in a significant uplift in donation activity — and more lives saved.
GBF helped train community based "Club 25" members as blood donor recruiters. We also supported the resulting blood drives by hiring tents to shelter the donors, cover transport costs and source promotional education materials.
Global Blood Fund recently led a blood donor recruitment training program for the marketing team at the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia, Africa.  The week-long classroom and field-based coaching gave the team new insights into donor engagement along with a list of 40-plus action items to increase donation.
Do you have an interesting idea for an article or story?  Or, are you interested in joining the Global Network for Blood Donation? If so, contact BJ Smith at or Michelle Johnson at


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