Israeli Rotary Club Has Organized Blood Drives for More Than 30 Years Rotary Club of Zichron Ya'acov, a town with less than 20.000 inhabitants south of the Israeli city of Haifa, is now in its 31th year of conducting blood drives.


Since 1981, Rotary Club of Zichron Ya'acov has held a blood drive twice a year in conjunction with the national blood bank, Magan David Adom, in Haifa.

"The Rotary Club of Zichron Ya'acov was approached by the blood bank in Haifa to hold a blood drive and have blood collected in their own community. Naturally the club immediately responded and began efforts to carry out the event," Blood Drive Committee chair Akiva Hershkovitz, a former club president, says.

So far, Rotary Club of Zichron Ya'acovhas secured close to 4000 packets of blood. The Haifa blood bank serves as the national aid society that is the Israeli branch of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Israel is part of District 2490.