Global Network for Blood Donation, a Rotarian Action Group (GNBD) and the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionels (ADRP) "agree to collaborate in a combined effort to help assure a safe and readily available blood supply world-wide through the promotion of non-remunerated, voluntary blood donations."

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Effective November 9, 2011

Whereas the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) is the only organization devoted exclusively to blood donor recruitment as a profession and is committed to being a leader in providing education, development and resources for blood donor recruiters world-wide and

Whereas the Global Network for Blood Donation – A Rotarian Action Group 1 has the mission of encouraging voluntary blood donations amongst Rotarians and the general population,

Therefore, the ADRP and the GNBD agree to collaborate in a combined effort to help assure a safe and readily available blood supply world-wide through the promotion of non-remunerated, voluntary blood donations; and commit to engage in a joint effort to accomplish this worthwhile objective by encouraging blood donor recruitment professionals and their respective blood banking organizations, Rotary Districts, Rotary Clubs, and individual Rotarians to work together to facilitate voluntary blood donations to meet the needs of transfusion dependent patients within their local area of service.


While envisioned as a worldwide effort, unless amended this collaborative agreement will be limited toward securing the participation of blood banking professionals and Rotarians located within Rotary International Zones 21b (most of Texas) and 27 (Rocky Mountains and the Plains) which include the USA states of Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, West Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.  Activities will be patterned on the successful, on-going Governors’ Challenge Blood Drives initiated between Rotary International Districts 5790 and 5810 and be an expansion of the Governors’ Challenge Blood Drives already operational in Texas, New Mexico and Southern Oklahoma Rotary Districts (also known as the Cowboy Governors’ Challenge Blood Drives) and recently adopted by Rotary Districts in India.

The GNBD will (at a minimum):

1.      Communicate the news of this collaborative agreement directly with the seated and incoming District Governors and other Rotarian officials at the November, 2011 Zone Institute for Zones 21b and 27, as well as solicit their commitment to encourage all Rotarians within these zones to work with their local blood providers to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a safe, readily available, and all-voluntarily donated blood supply

2.      Provide ADRP the necessary contact information consistent with Rotary policy within the aforementioned zones to facilitate communications with them; these communications to be initiated by executives representing blood providers serving each Governor’s district.  (It is understood this information will become available shortly after the Zone Institute being held November 10, 2011 and that the initial contact with the District Governor should occur by early January, 2012.)

3.      Provide ADRP access to information and materials available on the GNBD website ( intended to provide guidance on ways to organize successful blood donation programs between Rotary Clubs and blood collection organizations. 

4.      Encourage Rotary leaders currently involved in the Governors’ Challenge Blood Drives to extend the invitation to those areas which have not yet become involved.

5.      Provide to ADRP an internet copy of Rotary International’s 2011-2012 President, Kalyan Banerjee’s letter that he sent to all 2011-2012 District Governors in India suggesting they participate in the Governors’ Challenge Blood Drives.

The ADRP will (at a minimum):

1.      Communicate with the management of those ADRP-member donor recruitment professionals whose respective blood centers serve the areas within Rotary International Zones 21b and 27 in order to explain the details of this agreement and to solicit the cooperation of their chief executives to contact the appropriate District Governor(s) and establish a working relationship to accomplish the objectives of this agreement.

2.      Announce and promote this collaborative agreement and related activities in The Drop, ADRP’s periodic publication.

3.      Provide a customizable sample PowerPoint presentation to those blood collecting agencies employing ADRP members and operating within Rotary International Zones 21b and 27…this to be used while making presentations to individual Rotary Clubs to highlight the presenter’s respective blood center’s activities, as well as Rotary’s involvement in advocating voluntary blood donations locally and world-wide, thereby to gain individual club commitment and involvement in the Governors’ Challenge Blood Drives.  


Although an expansion of this agreement to include identical or similar activities in other Rotary International Districts beyond those listed herein will require majority votes by both the ADRP’s Executive Board and GNBD’s Board of Directors, additional actions intended to facilitate the accomplishment of the overall objectives within the Rotary International Districts listed herein may be undertaken by either or both parties with the prior verbal (or email) approval of an authorized representative of each party.

It is understood by both parties that no financial obligations, either real or implied, exist between the parties as a result of entering into this agreement.

Further, it is understood that this agreement is non-exclusive, that is the GNBD working with local Rotary Districts and Rotary Clubs within them may elect to encourage blood donations to, or organize blood drives with, non-ADRP member blood banking professionals and/or blood banking institutions operating within their Districts.  Nothing in this agreement precludes either party from any action with any third party.


 This agreement will be on-going and may be amended through majority votes on each amendment by both the ADRP’s Executive Board and GNBD’s Board of Directors. 


This agreement may be terminated by either party for any reason following a thirty-day written notice to the other party.


DAVID GRAHAM                                                                               CHUCK KURTZMAN

ADRP Authorized Representative                                               GNBD Authorized Representative


[1] A Rotarian Action Group is an association of Rotarians who have as their purpose the advancement of the Object of Rotary by providing assistance and support to Rotary clubs, districts, and multi-districts in planning and implementing large-scale, community development and humanitarian service projects

The aim of the Global Networking Group for Blood Donation, (GNGBD), is to develop an international network of Rotarians and others who are involved in supporting volunteer blood donations.  
Through their association in this Rotarian Action Group they are expected to share their expertise and experience with others engaged in the same type of efforts thus promoting a fellowship of service throughout the world.  GNBD will promote voluntary blood donation and support for local community blood centers

  • Each Rotarian Action Group is officially recognized by the RI Board of Directors, but functions independently of Rotary International, with its own rules, dues requirements, and administrative structure.
  • Membership is open to Rotarians, spouses of Rotarians, and Rotaractors.
  • Rotarian Action Groups regularly collaborate with clubs and districts on service projects in their area of specialty.
  • Rotarian Action Groups must adopt RI’s standard bylaws for Rotarian Action Groups and operate in accordance with Rotary policy.
  • Rotarian Action Groups assist clubs and districts in their service projects



Editor's notes:

For additional information on ADRP please contact: Deborah Swift, Executive Director

or call 512.658.9414 (+USA), Website:


For additional information on GNBD please contact: Charles Kurtzman
Past District Governor, Rotary District 5790,
Co-Founder and Vice -President of
Global Network for Blood Donation, A Rotarian Action Group,
office and mobile 1 817.870.9884 (+USA) 

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