Consider Joining ADRP
The Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) is an international organization dedicated to helping donor recruitment professionals.  ADRP educates and empowers professionals who are committed to donor recruitment, donor experience and donor management by providing a forum for networking, professional development and resource sharing. 

ADRP Information

What can ADRP do for me?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and asked yourself, “Am I the only person in the world with this problem?” The Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) has more than 600 members from countries across the globe. The most important thing ADRP has to offer is education and development. This means most importantly, that recruitment professionals share solutions, ideas, skills, techniques, problems, concerns and support. In short, ADRP members are there for each other.

You are not alone!

As a member of ADRP, you will find yourself returning from our annual conference refreshed, motivated and full of ideas. Year-round, you will find yourself picking up your ADRP Membership Directory and calling or emailing other ADRP members that you’ve met. Asking for advice and sharing successes – That’s what ADRP is all about. Be part of the best of the best. Be a part of ADRP.

Our Mission

ADRP is committed to being a leader in providing education, development and resources for the donor recruitment profession.

ADRP Informs

ADRP is the only organization devoted exclusively to donor recruitment as a profession. Since the blood, marrow and blood cell, organ and tissue industry is rapidly changing; ADRP can keep you informed on issues affecting these donor recruitment fields. ADRP represents donor recruitment professionals worldwide.

ADRP Shares Ideas

An ADRP membership will help you reach your goals. Our annual conference and various publications are designed to offer donor recruitment professionals new ideas and continuing motivation to achieve goals. ADRP’s newsletter, ‘the Drop,’ is published quarterly and features articles about recruitment best practices, industry updates, ADRP’s progressive activities and worldwide recruitment updates. Members can also access ADRP’s Web site, and our Members Only section, a service provided by ADRP. ADRP’s Web site includes an idea-sharing forum for our industry and is driven by ADRP’s membership.