The Rotary blood donor drive in France has become the most important in the country, reports PDG Jean-Claude Brocart, Rotary-Club Toulouse-Ovalie, District 1700, founder of Mon Sang Pour Les Autres/My Blood for Others.   Data Sheet   Photo Journal    Newsletter June 2007  Newsletter September 2007



 An impressive Rotary blood donor drive in France

In 1997, Rotarian Jean-Claude Brocart, District 1700, France, envisioned a blood donor campaign in his home town of Toulouse. In January the following year, the first Rotary organized blood donation drive was launched, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of Rotary in Toulouse, the country's fourth largest city. The blood drive was named Mon Sang Pour Les Autres/My Blood for Others. Jean-Claude Brocart was then a club president.

Less than  ten years after, the Rotary blood drive (MSPLA) has become a national event organized in more than 50 cities and covering 18 districts in the country. About 10.000 units of blood are now collected each year. 

- This is the most important blood drive in France, reports Jean-Claude Brocart, Rotary-Club of Toulouse-Ovalie, who served as District Governor in 2004-2005, Rotary International's centennial year. 

During three days in January 2007 more than 3200 donors contributed with blood in the Rotary campaign in the Toulouse area, involving 450 Rotarians, 20 medical doctors, 30 nurses and 50 other co-workers. All 18 Rotary clubs, two Rotaract clubs and three Inner Wheel clubs took part in the drive.


A blood donor drive is a good opportunity to serve as Rotarians and to be in touch with the surrounding community. It is marvelous that Rotary clubs in many countries around the world are involved in blood donation, says Jean-Claude Brocart. 


He would "be happy to exchange information and advice in order to promote blood donation" within the family of Rotary.


In France, all Rotary clubs organizing MSPLA campaigns use the name Mon Sang Pour Les Autres for their blood drives.  MSPLA co-orporates with a national blood organization, Etablissement Francais du Sang (EFS), which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The organization's medical doctor in charge of collecting, treatment, storage and distribution of the donor blood, Jean-Pierre Calot, has now become a Rotarian and is a member of Rotary-Club Toulouse-Ovalie.


Editor's note:  Jean-Claude Brocart is a charter member of Global Network for Blood Donation, Rotarian Action Group and can be contacted at the e-mail address



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