Source: District (1130) Secretary's Notice

The Rotary clubs in the London district 1130 has been approached by the bloodrunner organization Service by EmergencyRider Volunteers, known as SERV, a charity group that transports blood, plasma, platelets, samples, medicines and other urgently required medical items to hospitals across the South East of England free of charge.

“I would be delighted to speak to any of your clubs to increase awareness of our charity and the work we do,”  the SERV chairman Tim Goodman, says, quoted by a district newsletter.
In 2011, SERV volunteers made over 2500 emergency deliveries to hospitals in the Surrey and South London area, saving the local National Health Service , NHS, “tens of thousands of pounds in courier and other logistic costs”.

“Our hospitals can expect us to deliver urgent blood anywhere in our region within 2 hours, our controllers are available all night ready to dispatch a rider or driver.  We rely entirely on public donations to maintain the service, provided every night from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am with additional daytime cover for Christmas and bank holidays,” Tim Goodman says.

The Service by EmergencyRider Volunteers got started in 1981 in Surrey to supply a quick and reliable means of tansporting emergency blood and blood products to the hospitals and medical facilities at night. Prior to SERV, the only means available to hospitals, doctors and other medical establishments for the transport of emergency blood supplies at night were taxis, ambulance, police, couriers and transfusion service vehicles.

CONTACT: Tim Goodman,  phone 07785 110443