Going to the Rotary International convention in New Orleans May 21-25? Well, don't miss the GNBD exhibition booth number 1122 in the House of Friendship. Our Annual Meeting will be held on May 25 from 13:30-15:30 in room 383.


GNBD Annual Meeting May 25, 13:30-15:00 in room 383, RI convention, New Orleans. Chair: Haagen Cumlet


1)          13:30 - 13:35  Welcome and introduction of panellists and topics (Haagen Cumlet, GNBD Co-founder). 


2)          13:35-13:55   From idea to a national Rotary blood donation movement, MSPLA of Franc (Project speaker Jean-Claude Brocart, PDG of District 1700, France. Founder of the network My Blood for Others).


3)          13:55-14:00  Q and A


4)          14:00-14:20  Cowboys and Indians:  An introduction of the Texas centered Governors Challenge Blood Drive, GCBD, into the 32 Indian Rotary Districts. (PDG Chuck Kurtzman, Founder of GCBD and Co-founder GNBD).


5)          14:20-14:25 Q and A


6)          14:25-14:50 Keynote speach by GNBD Director Joe Ridley. The evolution of blood donation in the USA. 

                       Insight into why we shifted from collecting roughly 85% of our donations on mobile operations (wherein we travel to the donor) to the current status of about 50/50 split (where we recruit donors to come to "our" locations).  This would include a need to discuss telephone recruitment activity, the use of automated collection devices, and also how we are beginning to use social media in our recruitment efforts.  This discussion would also touch on techniques which have worked well for us as we have increased our collections.

(7)          14:50-15:00 Q and A


8)            Closing remarks: Haagen Cumlet