Posted by Editor on Sep 05, 2017

Haribabu calls for more awareness among people about blood donation

Over 2000 students from different colleges, including engineering and other professional colleges, participated in a mega blood donation camp that was organised by Andhra University, here on Friday. Inaugurating the camp, MP K. Haribabu said no one should in the city die due to shortage of blood. It is our duty to see that there is sufficient stock of blood in various blood banks throughout the year. Mr. Haribabu said along with the overall development of the city, incidences of accidents and fatal diseases, where there is need of urgent transfusion of blood is also on the rise. And the balance between demand and supply should always be maintained.

Appreciating enthusiasm of students, he urged them to come forward and encourage the culture of blood donation and also create awareness among others that there is nothing wrong in donating blood. “It is in fact good to donate once in a while and one should know that a donor can save at least three lives,” he said. Addressing students, Vice-Chancellor G. Nageswara Rao said AU targets to give at least 10,000 units of blood every year to various blood banks in the city. O Naresh Kumar of Symbiosis Technologies said the HB count among most of the adolescent girls in the district was far below the desired level and they should concentrate on eating nutritious food to improve the HB level.

Registrar V. Umamaheswara Rao said it was nice to see the participation of girls increasing with every passing year. Apart from donating blood, students of various colleges were entertained by the students of AU, who put up a number of cultural shows to mark the event. “It was not like participating in a blood donation camp but it was like taking part in a college cultural fest. And at the same time we had the satisfaction of donating blood for a cause,” said Sri Lakshmi from a private degree college. The camp was supported by various blood banks such as NTR Blood Bank, Indian Red Cross, AS Raja, Rotary, Lions, KGH and Gayatri Medical College.