On November 18, 2013 Carter BloodCare, a community-based blood center located in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas welcomed Hassan Adelakun.  Hassan, the Coordinator of the Ogun State Ambulance Services, gave a presentation to the Carter BloodCare team about blood banking in Nigeria.


There are over 250 Rotary clubs in Nigeria that help local blood banks promote the need for blood donations.  This is quite a task because the annual deficit for safe blood in Nigeria is 1,800,000 units.  He focused on the fact that if the Rotary clubs of Nigeria could arrange 1 campain per year it could equate to 250,000 additional units every year.  Hassan concluded by stating that in Nigeria, the Rotary groups can be the change they want to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply.


above:  Hassan Adelakun is given the honorary 'vampire' cape by Charles Kurtzman