Rotary International has made revisions to the policies for the Rotarian Action Groups in addition to the updated standard bylaws, 2011. Please go to DOWNLOADS for full details. Here is a summery of what Rotarian Action Groups may do and may not do.

Rotarian Action Groups are now free to initiate contact with district governors, and may contact a district's clubs with the permission of the district governor.

To facilitate this permission, Rotary International will coordinate an annual mailing asking each district governor-elect to indicate which specific RAGs, if any, may contact their clubs.

Rotary International will then tailor a list individually for each Action Group.

May also do:

Rotarian Action Groups may now solicit funds from individuals and/or organizations, provided that donations are made directly to: 
 a Rotary club, district, or multidistrict for a specific project;

  the Rotary Foundation;

 a separate implementing organization working with Rotary clubs on a project (provided there is no conflict of interest between the Rotarian Action Group, its officers and/or directors and the entity receiving the funds).

May not do:

 Rotarian Action Groups may not collect or retain solicited funds, with the exception of membership dues or administrative grants received from other organizations;

Rotarian Action Groups may not solicit funds via their websites in the form of an electronic donation.

(The new bylaws go into effect by Juli 2011)


Rotarian Action Groups conduct hands-on, international service projects that advance the Object of Rotary. They are autonomous, international groups organized by committed Rotarians, Rotarians' spouses, and Rotaractors who have expertise in and a passion for a particular type of service.

Action Groups (May 2011)


Blindness Prevention

Blood Donation

Dental Volunteers


Food Plant Solutions

Health Fairs

Hunger and Malnutrition




Multiple Sclerosis

www.rotary ·]

Polio Survivors and Associates

Population Growth & Sustainable Development

Water and Sanitation