NEWSLETTER Nr. 01 – July 2020
Dear Rotary Action Group for Blood Donation members,
We are pleased to bring to your attention what has been done by our Rotary Action Group over the past 12 months
We have indeed taken many initiatives:
  • Changing the name of our Rotary Action Group to comply with the new RI rules
    Global Network for Blood Donation became Rotary Action Group for Blood Donation
  • Creation of a new logo for Rotary Action Group for Blood Donation, in collaboration with the design department of Rotary International
  • Creation of a RAGBD Facebook group which today includes 2,318 members from 121 countries  
    Updates are daily and encourage discussion and information on the many Rotary blood collections around the world.
  • Updates to our RAGBD website several times a week  
    We invite you to visit this site which contains a lot of useful information and highlights the various blood collections organized around the world.
  • Mid-June we had our annual Board meeting, this time in a virtual format. The Board decided unanimously positive on 5 important proposals –
    • The updated Strategic Plan 2020-2024;
    • The retirement of five Board members;
    • The continuation of the current Board over the Rotary year 2020-2021, changing Executive offices June 2021;
    • The revised Blood Drive Handbook;
    • The financials 2018/2019
    • The board provided the membership in April an Aide Mémoire on COVID-19 and a useful guideline/recommendation how to mitigate COVID-19 infection to be shared with local or national blood supply organizations.
      Both informative documents were published on the RAG BD website and the Facebook.
  • Continuation of registrations of new members to our RAGBD: 2358 to date
  • Participation in a stand of House of friendship of the International Convention 2020 online
  • The President Jean-Claude Brocart has been invited to present our main activities and particularly the ‘Mon Sang pour les Autres’ supportive actions in the Francophone world during the 2020 GETS/GNTS and Rotary Institute meeting scheduled for Amsterdam but changed into an on-line meeting. He will be present together with the Vice-President Cees Smit Sibinga to represent our RAG for Blood Donation and give a presentation  
  • Many emails sent to Board members to inform them and ask them for their suggestions
  • Sending to the Board of the Annual activity report in June 2020 for approval
As you can see, the 12 months of our Rotary year have been very active and we are proud to present this report to you.
We are at your disposal for any further information
Stay safe and healthy
Yours in Rotary
Jean-Claude BROCART, President
Cees SMIT SIBINGA, Vice-President
B.J. SMITH, Secretary
Joe Ridley, Treasurer