A donation towards shipping costs could help your local blood collection organization significantly improve services and attract more donors



If the blood collection agency in your District is currently providing a sub-optimal donation environment, then the chances of converting first timers into regular blood donors are seriously diminished. Quality of experience, especially donor comfort, plays a big part in encouraging repeat donation.

To help improve overall donor experience, the Global Network for Blood Donation (GNBD) has teamed up with a leading global blood charity to offer portable (collapsible) donation beds that will help ensure donors can give blood in comfort.

Global Blood Fund (GBF), a charity registered in the US and Europe, with a mission to support voluntary donation, has up to 1500 portable donation beds to offer; available as a result of a European blood service’s recent upgrade program. This charity seeks to donate these beds to countries where they will make a real difference in the collection environment.  The beds range in age from 5-10 years and are portable Strub Advantage Mobile Donation Beds:

The beds will be donated free of charge, but the charity is hoping that the local Rotary organization will be able to underwrite the cost of shipping and provide assistance with the logistics of importation and transfer of ownership to their local blood collection agency.

When new, the donation beds cost in excess of US $1000 (one thousand US dollars) each.

Given the number of permutations in possible destinations and quantity of beds required, accurate figures for likely costs cannot be quantified. However, below are anticipated freight prices for two example destinations, for 80 and 300 beds (the latter representing a full 20’ container). The “new” value is given to allow easy evaluation of  the ratio of transport costs to value-added to the local blood collection agency, although for purposes of import duties a more realistic valuation will be agreed that reflects the pre-used status of these beds. Dimensions and weight allows for calculation of costs for any in-country transportation.



80 Beds ($80,000 at new)

300 Beds ($300,000 at new)

1000 Kgs / 5.7 m³


Example Destinations










As the table illustrates, it is more cost effective to ship larger volumes: where this is excess of local requirements, GBF would be keen to explore establishing a consortium of beneficiaries in a geographic area, with one organization acting as lead importer. 

GNBD believes this represents a significant opportunity for a relatively modest investment to leverage a significant improvement in blood collection infrastructure.  . 

To register interest and request a bespoke transport quotation according to your requirements, please contact the Global Blood Fund at