PDG William R. “Bob” Stetter sent in more information about the amazing work going on in Valentine, Nebraska. We recognize his efforts during a decade of blood drives since January 2003 and for serving as blood drive coordinator for 10 years.  Virginia “Jeanie” Cozad should be recognized for taking over his position as coordinator in January 2013 after his tenure of 10 years.  She has obviously done a fantastic job as shown by the numbers of collections.  For more about Valentine, NE please continue reading -
L to R – Amanda Koubek, District Blood Drive Account Manager; Virginia “Jeanie” Cozad, Valentine Rotary Club Blood Drive Coordinator; Ivan Roth, 5,600th donor; PDG William R. “Bob” Stetter, Director GNBD, Past Coordinator, Valentine Rotary Club Blood Drives
PDG William R. “Bob” Stetter, Director of GNBD; Ivan Roth, donor who donated the 5,600th unit to put us at the 700 gallon mark; Virginia “Jeanie” Cozad, Blood Drive Coordinator.  Posters depict gallons of blood.  
January 7, 2016 was a great day for the Valentine, Nebraska, USA, Rotary Club, #1503.  On that cold January day the Valentine Rotary Club sponsored Blood Drive collected its 5,600th unit of blood for a total of 700 gallons since the start of the blood drives in January 2003.  The goal was 91 units with 98 units collected.  Four first time donors joined the ranks of donors. Since that special day, the Valentine Rotary Club has added to that total for a total of 6,606 units collected after the most recent blood drive, November 2, 2017, for a total of 825.75 gallons of blood collected.  This is a phenomenal achievement considering a town population of 2,800.  With a potential of helping or saving three lives per unit, this comes to the staggering figure of 19,818 potential lives saved or helped.
The Valentine Rotary Club #1503 estimates that members have donated approximately 390 hours of their time in helping to sponsor the Red Cross Blood Drives during 2017.