Rotarians from all over the world reported seeing caped Vampires in the House of Friendship.


By Ellen Kurtzman 

This reporter identifies these Men in Capes as Haagen Cumlet (Denmark), Cees Smit Sibinga (the Netherlands), Chuck Kurtzman (Texas), B.J. Smith (Texas), and Joe Ridley (Texas) who worked so hard in the GNBD booth in the heat of it all in the midst of the 2011 Rotary International Convention in New Orleans.

Were they friend or foe?  Reported seen and photographed in the vicinity of the Global Network for Blood Donation booth, this very good looking flock of smiling men wearing beautiful black capes seemed to be out to get blood.  Blood donations to benefit people all over the world.

The black capes clearly marked with the logo of the GNBD and their titles spent many hours in the House of Friendship.  At least 2 were Founding Vampires.  All were dignified and helpful. All these men wanted to do was talk about blood and to tell Rotarians how to get people to donate more of the precious stuff. 

Did you meet the Vampires?  Did you have your photo taken with one or more of these fellows?  If you did please share the experience and the information you gained with your Rotary club and many other Rotarians. 

In addition to seeking blood donations for blood banks of many nations, these Vampires are also seeking more members for the GNBD, including those persons who are females of the human species.