The GNBD held their annual meeting during the Rotary International Meeting on June 13, 2017.
GNBD Board Meeting Minutes 6-13-17
Present: Merlyn, Chuck, Cees, Daniel, Ravi, Olafur, Jo and BJ
Meeting called to order by President Cees at 16:30
  • No additional agenda items
  • Reviewed meeting minutes from Seoul.Chuck’s hope for the GNBD to embrace the RI theme of “Be a Gift to the World”.
  • Proxy
    • 8 in attendance
    • BJ proxy for Joe Ridley
    • Cees proxy for Jean Claude
  • Regional reports:
    • Nothing from Ron Wilson - Australia
    • No report from PTP but Ravi agreed to provide an update from India
    • No report from Nina
  • Treasurer discussion about the in-kind donations from CBC.Balance is zero. BJ to send Olfur the financial information upon completion at RI year end.
  • Officer elections – notice posted.30 days prior to annual meetings.
    • Daniel – President
    • Jean Claude Brocart – VP
    • BJ Smith – Secretary
    • Lele Cote – Treasure
    • Cees – IPP
Motion presented and passed Daniel thanked Cees for his leadership and expressed his need to remain tapping on his experience and wisdom.
  • Strategic Plan
Discussion about the Strategic Plan decided upon in Birmingham, UK.  Cees reviewed the elements of the plan:
  1. Promote voluntary blood donation
  2. Encourage donation within Rotary Clubs
  3. Encourage working with local blood centers
  4. Collaborate with similar groups
  5. Work with other RAG’s
The current point of contact for the RAG’s is Andy Smallwood.
Daniel reported the RAG’s are going to get a landing page on the RI home page.
Cees reported on the WHO’s desire for blood programs to support voluntary blood donation.
Olafur is going to evaluate the request for global sustainable projects the GNBD can engage in with the assistance of other complementary organizations.
Ravi shared two successes of his group with thalassemia treatment and blood donation.  HIV is a huge problem in India.  Awareness is a huge problem around the importance of blood donation.  There are over 100 blood banks in India.
  • RI International Convention 2018 Toronto, CA
It was agreed that GNBD will submit applications to exhibit and present in Toronto.
Cees reviewed the RI areas of focus and how the GNBD aligns – 3 primaries
  1. Disease prevention
  2. Maternal and child health
  3. Basic education
Next year we will have a banner that shows our alignment to the areas of focus.
Daniel suggested migrating Nina from the liaison from Rotaract to GNBD full member and to identify a new liaison to Rotaract.  Daniel will also contact Bob Stetter about his membership.
Chuck complimented Jo; she has agreed to be editor and be serving as the blood drive chairman for district 5790.
Merlyn talked about the ties between Rotary and non-profit blood programs.  A question was presented about how do we get more involvement between our group and the noble practices of the for-profit organizations in the industry.
  • Meeting adjourned by Cees at 15:35, thanking all for their contributions and the wonderful collaboration during his term as President of GNBD.