Posted on May 21, 2018

The Rotary Club of Otta in conjunction with Ruby Medical Centre has donated blood to the Lagos State Blood Bank. Rotary Assistant Governor Ramesh Biswal noted that the initiative he started in 2014 at Rotary Club of Palmgrove, has not been abandoned by successive administrations. Biswal urged people to donate blood. ‘’Blood should be donated because it cannot be manufactured in a company like other products,’’ he said, adding that a blood donor becomes healthier as the body produces more blood.

He said: “We have been taught by doctors that blood donation is good. One pint donated saves more than three people because components are there that will be separated. Rotary Club of Palm Groove has initiated this and we are happy it is ongoing. In 2015 alone, a total of 693 pints were donated and everybody was excited. That’s when I was the chairman, District 9110 Service Projects between 2015 and 2016. I was also the president between 2014 and 2015.”

Biswal is happy that, to date, over 7000 pints of blood had been donated through the club’s blood camp donation project. The Rotary Club Palm Groove is now moving the camp to various locations. “We are happy to educate more people on this, and the reasons for blood donation. I started in District 110, Ilupeju and it is gladdening that it is spreading and yielding desirable results,” Biswal said. Biswal added that Africa has a huge population and that the demand for blood was equally high. “That is why we are enlightening people to donate and save lives, like accident victims, and women in labor. If blood is needed and blood is not available, these patients die needlessly. That is why we are committed to this project. Our target in Rotary Club this year is 1000 pints.”

He challenged Ogun State residents to learn to donate, especially from 16 to 60 years. “Rotarians are into charity and we are happy doing just that. People should please join us to do the right thing,” he said. A donor, Ramesh Mallik, an Indian in his 50s, agreed that blood donation saves lives. ‘’If blood is not voluntarily donated, how can it be sourced when people need it, he asked.

He appealed to every citizen to be involved in donating blood so blood banks can have a surplus, as he added, “This is to save lives that may need same badly. Blood donation is humanity. I have always supported this course. I do this regularly, not waiting for when people will need it before I donate. As an Indian, I am happy to donate to my host country because blood is blood. It is not an ‘Indian blood’. Color of blood is the same. I am happy that my blood will be used to save someone, someday because first and foremost they are human beings and they deserved to live. I do not feel any discrimination in Nigeria. I feel at home.”

Sunday Adepoju, a Christian, who is in his early 30s, was happy to donate blood. Adepoju, an administrative staff member of Ruby Medical Centre, said he did to save lives. Adepoju explained that blood is not easy commodity to come by, like water, yet, it is a necessity, especially in emergency. “I do not know who will need the blood, but the thought that I am saving lives is enough joy for me. I am not donating for the first time. This is what I do willingly,” he said. Adepoju urged more people  to donate blood.

Rotary Club, President, Gboyega Bakreen, said blood donation was  part of the association’s project this year. ‘’We are doing this in collaboration with Rotary Club of Palm groove Estate. Ruby Medical Center is the spot for the collection of the blood. There are industries within Ota that supported this project. The target for this blood camp is 200 plus pints of blood.

“We, members, are not collecting the blood from donors by ourselves, but through the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service (LSBTS). We are doing that so that the blood in the blood bank can be more. I appeal to Ogun residents to get involved because the Community Development Council (CDC) and Community Development Areas (CDAs) are also getting involved.”