The Global Network for Blood Donation (GNBD) held a breakout session at the Rotary International convention in Lisbon, Portugal.  During the session, B.J. Smith (USA) reviewed GNBD initiatives with the Governors’ Challenge blood drives in the USA and India as well as the GNBD’s alignment with two of the six areas of focus.

Dr. Cees Sibinga (Netherlands) presented how the public image and public awareness are key success factors for voluntary blood donation. Jean-Claude Brocart (France) discussed the success of Mong Sang pour les Autres (My Blood for Others) in France and other French speaking nations.  The session was well attended and well received by participants.


Right to left:

BJ Smith (USA), Lela Cote (USA)

Jean-Claude Brocart (France)

Cees Smit Sibinga (Netherlands)